Project Management

Project Management

Tribase represents the owner in all phases of a project, from its conception through financing, evaluation, construction and occupation. We provide project construction/management, planning and representation. Our team has already been involved in various types of construction, including projects in the areas of education, religion, industry and housing.

Our management teams address themselves to project leadership and stay focused on construction deadlines. They establish effective communication between all parties, supervise work and are attentive to the progress of negotiations while facilitating co-ordination, providing all documentation, attending to details and pending matters and making sure that clients are informed of their total construction budgets.

The vast range of services that Tribase provides are geared to correspond to the specific management and supervision needs of the construction process. Our main objective is efficient and effective management, particularly centring on protecting the owner’s interests. Tribase has a successful track record and is known for bringing undertakings safely to a positive outcome, within deadlines and budgets, without complaints and based on contractual demands.

The team of construction managers is dedicated to your project and pride themselves on giving you the best construction and financial services.

Summary of main services

  • Selection of Architects / engineers
  • Selection of Advisers / specialists
  • Development of specific project Websites
  • Evaluation of Costs and Value analyses
  • Identification of Phases and Establishment of goals
  • Proceedings and Logistics
  • General conditions of Contracts
  • Estimates of evaluation

Professional Management 'in progress'

  • Administrative & Management Contracts
  • Inspections
  • Progress and Financial Information
  • Documentation and Archive Maintenance
  • Fulfilment of Deadlines
  • Negotiations / Resolution of Conflicts
  • Co-ordination of works meetings
  • Provisional and final signing-off of work