Financial management

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Financial management

These are activities geared predominantly towards the protection of a company’s financial assets.
A greater involvement of the financial area with other operational activities requires appropriate structures and instruments in addition to monitoring and evaluation systems developed in a way that is consistent with a global strategy.

Concrete results

  • Simplification of financial procedures
  • A clear and objective system of management information, geared toward decision making
  • Clarity in the measurement of performance and profitability.
  • Integration of computerised systems, improving the swift processing and accuracy of information
  • Easily monitored and adjustable financial planning

Our experience

  • Revision of financial procedures in, implementation of controls, development and implementation of an information management system.
  • Financial recovery involving:

    Evaluation of the company’s financial situation and preparation of a recovery plan involving the reduction of assets, of staff and the settling of fiscal and Social Security debts.
    Preparation of a plan for the negotiation of debt with suppliers and effective participation in the negotiation process;
    Accompanying operations and monitoring of the recovery plan.